Create + establish a feminine home yoga practice 


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Devotional Home Yoga:
6 week journey embodying the wisdom goddesses of yoga

Course run from September to October 2020.

Over the 6 weeks, we will gather virtually as a group of women in a supportive, virtual space. 


You will receive a range of learning support materials at the beginning of each week to maintain motivation and inspiration.

These will be available through an easy-to-use and accessible student platform that you can choose when and where to practice, to support you in fitting your yoga into your life. 


 The materials include:

  • video demonstrations of tantra flow and yin yoga practices

  • audio meditations and guided visualizations

  • live group coaching sessions via zoom (these will also be available as a recording for those who cannot attend live)

  • access to a private forum, where we will support each other and share inspiration

  • additional practices including journaling, rituals, mantra and mudra and more!

Course outcome

On this course you will be guided and supported to establish your very own personalized feminine home yoga practice. 


The practices I share with you are gentle, grounding and nourishing for a woman’s body. 


You will learn to adapt your practice to honor your cyclical nature as a woman.


“Invoking the qualities of the goddesses within this yoga brings a layer of richness to the practice, helping us to recognise and understand the characteristics of the goddesses within ourselves and embody true feminine power." Tina Helm


At the end of the 6 weeks it is my intention that you will be empowered to continue to inquire, explore and grow your personal journey with yoga.


Who is this course for?

This course is for women who already have some experience of yoga, and have a desire to experience a more feminine approach to yoga and to deepen their yoga by establishing a devotional home yoga practice. 

If you are unsure of your readiness for the course,
please email me with any questions.

About Jane

I’m a dedicated and passionate yogini who has been practicing yoga for almost forty years. After a successful career in social health research and educational studies, I found myself at a midlife health crisis point, and turned to feminine yoga for healing. I’m inspired by the divine feminine to share the teachings that have helped me, by supporting women, many of whom find themselves in similar midlife transitions, to create a life of ease, grace and full potential.

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We are living in unprecedented, and changing, times. The importance of having a regular yoga practice is more important than ever before.  

In my experience yoga truly comes alive when we establish a personal at-home yoga practice.

I am grateful that we live at a time that we have the technology that enables us to connect from anywhere in the world offering you the flexibility to weave your yoga practice into the busy life of modern-day women.  

Working together through my 6-week course, you can turn yoga into an integral part of your life, maintaining your health and vitality, and embodying and aligning with the divine feminine.  

Our world needs the divine feminine more than ever before.



Jane Mallick


What my students say...

"Insighful + empowering"

Yoga with Jane is such a restorative, pleasurable and insightful experience. Now she is online, it means I can do yoga in my own space, when I want.  It is so empowering to practice with the goddesses, who represent all the different experiences and feelings women can go through.

Eva Whyte

"Layers of richness"

I really enjoy Jane’s online yoga. I can be flexible and do the class when it fits in with kids and life and I can repeat a class as many times as I like.


Jane does a fantastic job at holding the group, it really felt like I was back at the studio in real life. Definitely the best online yoga I have done.  


Practicing with the goddesses adds a beautiful layer of richness. Each goddess brings special qualities that imbues the practice and stays with you in your everyday life.


"Soothing + supportive"

"Spiritually inspiring"

Jane’s Yoga is grounding, soothing and supportive of womanhood. I first experienced Jane’s coaching when I was dealing with significant health issues and was so inspired by the simplicity of what Jane showed me including simple postures that I could practice at home. It gave me the confidence to continue on my journey exploring the many benefits of yoga!

Nikki Valentini

Yoga with Jane is so relaxing and nurturing, and practicing with the goddesses is spiritually inspiring. Her online offers give the privacy of being in your own space but still having supervision and direction where needed.

Cecilia Farley

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